Puggles The Desolator of Abath K'Nath from Monster Porn Podcast & Sick Fiction

You just met the podcast of your dreams.

Not necessarily the good ones.

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“They say the Pastoress comes by night, and if you see the Pastoress in the night, you must despair, for you have wandered far beyond salvation’s reach.”

Sick Fiction
Sick Fiction
2 – The Strands of Kurikoo, The Werewolf’s Wife

Do you believe that which dies might rise again? We do. We are that. We are Sick Fiction, an anthology of weird fiction, horror, sci-fi, bizarro fiction, and tasteless comedy. We are 

Starbat on Sick Fiction Podcast / Monster Porn Podcast

Pastoress. We are Starbat. We are the humanoid shadow with three protuberances like a spired crown on his slightly odd-shaped head who keeps appearing though we’ve asked him to please stop. We are love. And we embrace you.

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Everywhere podcasts haunt your fragile psyche.

Three Spire Man - Matt Cummins on Sick Fiction Horror Podcast


Are the reason I am great and eternal.

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Can always hear you.

★★★★★ “ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE PODCASTS. I’m binging every episode. I love this wacky topsy-turvy podcast so darn much…and although I’m not finished yet, I noticed that they haven’t made ANY recent episodes…” — MacMcIntyre

★★★★★ “These guys are trying some weird stuff and I think they’re coming at their experiments with good hearts and weird brains.” — NTDoherty

★★★★★ “PASTORESS PASTORESS PASTORESS we love her (them, it) we want more!” — christibot

Pastoress by Bret Norwood on Sick Fiction