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2 – The Strands of Kurikoo, The Werewolf’s Wife

Sick Fiction: Weird Anthology
Sick Fiction
Sick Fiction
2 – The Strands of Kurikoo, The Werewolf’s Wife

The Strands of Kurikoo by Matt Cummins……………….00:07:27
The Werewolf’s Wife by Bret Norwood………………….00:32:54

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The Zahir (Theme Music) available on Youtube (and soon Apple Music, Spotify)
Bracelets / Pale Flowers available on Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify


Stock Sound FX / Foley via FreeSound.org:

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  1. Jane Doe Avatar
    Jane Doe

    Hey backwards hat guy, how about we go on a date. I’m in love. I want more give me more you talented weird guys 😉

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